MMR Vaccinations - including measles outbreak

Measles is circulating in the UK - Make sure you protect yourself and others

Contact Stennack Surgery to find out if you are up to date with your MMR vaccinations.

You need two MMR vaccines to be fully protected and you are never too old to get vaccinated!

Children, Teenagers, young adults and anyone who has not had their MMR vaccination can get measles.

Symptoms include:

  • high fever 
  • rash – sometimes starting around the ears
  • sore red eyes
  • cough
  • aching and feeling unwell

Remember, if it could be measles – you need to be in an area where you cannot pass the infection onto vulnerable patients such as the immunocompromised and pregnant women. If you think you have measles, please do not come into the surgery, but instead call us for advice. 

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