Coronavirus Information

Updated 15.03.21

COVID Clinics Update

We are now able to vaccinate eligible patients in Cohorts 1-9 which includes anyone aged 50+ and all patients in an at-risk group.

If you are aged 50+ and have not had your vaccine please contact the surgery now on 01736 793 333 to book your vaccine appointment. We are currently contacting all our patients in priority order by text message and telephone invite.

If you are Under 50 you are only currently eligbile for vaccination if you are in one of these at-risk groups below:

  • Health and Social Care Workers
  • People who live and work in Care Homes
  • Clinically extremely vulnerable (shielding patients)
  • Patients with underlying health conditions (see below for more details)

If you are in one of these at-risk groups please contact the surgery now on 01736 793 333 to book your vaccine appointment

Patients with underlying health conditions

There is good evidence that certain underlying health conditions increase the risk of morbidity and mortality from COVID-19. When compared to persons without underlying health conditions, the absolute increased risk in those with underlying health conditions is considered generally to be lower than the increased risk in persons over the age of 65 years (with the exception of the clinically extremely vulnerable – see above). The committee’s advice is to offer vaccination to those aged 65 years and over followed by those in clinical risk groups aged 16 years and over. The main risk groups identified by the committee are set out below:

  • chronic respiratory disease, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cystic fibrosis and severe asthma

  • chronic heart disease (and vascular disease)

  • chronic kidney disease

  • chronic liver disease

  • chronic neurological disease including epilepsy

  • Down’s syndrome

  • severe and profound learning disability

  • diabetes

  • solid organ, bone marrow and stem cell transplant recipients

  • people with specific cancers

  • immunosuppression due to disease or treatment

  • asplenia and splenic dysfunction

  • morbid obesity

  • severe mental illness

Other groups at higher risk, including those who are in receipt of a carer’s allowance, or those who are the main carer of an elderly or disabled person whose welfare may be at risk if the carer falls ill, should also be offered vaccination alongside these groups.

Individuals within these risk groups who are clinically extremely vulnerable are discussed separately (see above). Further advice on risk groups, including clear definitions, are set out in the Green Book - Immunisation Against Infectious Disease.

More information can  also be found at: 


Updated 15.03.21

When will I get my vaccine?

We are following the Government Guidelines as to which Cohorts we can vaccinate and when. Please look at this link below to find more information on when you may recieve your vaccination invite.


Covid: When will I get the vaccine? - BBC News

Medicine Whilst Maintaining Social Distancing

We would like to thank our patients for their response to all the recent changes to care at the Stennack Surgery during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  You may well have noticed the ways we have adapted to allow us to continue to function whilst maintaining social distance. 

We remain open for business. Most of our services now function "remotely". We are increasing online services, our new IT system is helping this. Medications can be ordered online or via phone. Consultations where possible will taken on the phone or via a video consultation, we can still see you if we need to. Blood tests are happening via a window into the nurses room. Keeping you in the fresh air. 

Please explore the website, the changes and ways to access help are explained throughout.

For useful educational resources visit My House Rocks - The website hosts an array of activities and classes for children to complete which helps to keep their little minds occupies throughout lock down. 

Caring For Patients with Covid-19 in Hospital 

Unfortunately some of us will have family members who are admitted to hospital due to COVID-19.  

The exceptional circumstances that we are likely to face will result in families being separated at this time. This NHS leaflet will cover…

  • Caring for COVID-19 patients
  • Patients with COVID-19 who become increasingly unwell
  • Caring for yourself while your family member is unwell
  • End of life care

NHS - Caring for patients with COVID-19 in hospital.pdf

Health Visiting and School Nursing Service for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

As the new academic year begins and children and young people are returning to school and education settings, we wanted to update you about some of the latest developments from the Health Visiting and School Nursing service. 

More information can be found on the posters opposite.

Senior Parenting Worker in the Early Help Team

We now have a Senior Parenting worker in the Early Help Team covering the Penwith area working to deliver and support parenting programmes within our area. 

The programmes below are being offered through Microsoft Teams:

  • Being Passionate about Parenting the Early Years (1-3 years)
  • Being Passionate about Parenting (4-11 years)
  • Being Passionate about Parenting with a basic introduction to ADHD (5-11 years)
  • Being Passionate about Parenting with a basic introduction to the Spectrum (5-11 years)
  • Being Passionate about Parenting the Teenage Brain (12-17 years)
  • Take 3 – supporting teenagers (12-17 years)

Referrals for parenting programmes continue to be made through the Early Help Hub.

Further details below:

Parenting Newsletter Autumn 2020.pdf

Cornwall Hospice Community Care

Virtual Community Friendship Café & Video Calls 

Feeling socially isolated, caring for someone, copying with a long-term illness or recently bereaved? 

Members of the Cornwall Hospice Community Care Team are available to support, advise and signpost you to useful resources. 

Since the closure of their Community Friendship Cafe due to COVID-19, the team have began to offer video calls and have launched a private Virtual group via Facebook. The virtual space enables you to gain...

  • Support and information 
  • A place to share experiences 
  • Wellbeing activities 
  • Bereavement support 
  • Virtual friendships 

If this is something you or someone you know may be interested in please check it out. Alternatively you can contact the Cornwall Hospice Care Team via telephone 01726 829874 or email 

Virtual Community Friendship Cafe Facebook Group

Cornwall Hospice Care - Video Calls.pdf


If you're pregnant, you may be unsure how COVID-19 can affect you, your baby and your pregnancy care. 

It is important that you continue to attend your antenatal appointments and seek advice from your midwife.

If you begin to develop symptoms of COVID-19, please speak to your midwife who will advise what to do. 

For more information please visit the NHS website. 

Illness in Newborn Babies

If you have any concerns regarding the health of you child please do not hesitate to contact us on 01737 793333 - We are here to help and support you. 

If you require intervention while to Surgery is closed please contact NHS 111, OOH (Out Of Hours) or in the event of an emergency always contact 999.


Babies crying is normal and it will soon stop – YOU CAN COPE!

During this challenging time stress levels at home may be increased. For guidance please follow the ICON guidance for coping with crying.

I - Infant crying is normal
C - Comforting methods can help
O - It’s OK to walk away
N - Never, ever shake a baby

Please remember there is always someone who can help and support you, this may include your family, friends, Midwife, GP or Health Visitor.

ICON - Infant crying and how to cope.pdf

Needle Exchange/Safer Injecting Service Cornwall

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the intention of We Are With You to continue the needle exchange service with little disruption.  

For more information on the drop in clinics/the click and collect service, please view the attached document.

Needle Exchange - COVID-19.pdf

Seafit Programme

Helping Fishermen Stay Seafit 

SeaFit Covid-19 Poster.pdf